Villa Badoer

Villa Badoer

Fratta Polesine - Rovigo

The villa was designed in 1556 by Andrea Palladio for the Venetian noble Francesco Badoer.
The villa was the focal point of the farm company and it was the visible sign of the Badoere family in the land.
Nowadays, the building is well know as the “Badoera” and it is consider one of the most prestigious villa in Veneto region.
Today, the villa is open to the public that can admire the beauty of interiors. Inside the villa there are a central room and adjacent compartments. They are decorated with frescoes made by Pierfrancesco Giallo Fiorentino at the end of 16th century. The images represent mythological scenes link to the land and grotesque.
Villa Badoer has been part since 1996 of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The villa is still a live place, it is a center of cultural activities, exhibitions, conventions, events and shows.
Moreover, since 2009 in the northern barchessa of the Villa is housed the National archaeological museum of Fratta Polesinela. It conserves important evidences about life, handcrafted and commercial activities of the village of Frattesina that it is located on the side of an ancient branch of river Po.




Villa Badoer

Via Giovanni Tasso, 3, 45025 Fratta Polesine RO, Italia


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