Castellano Vigilanza

Castellano Vigilanza


Castellano Vigilanza Srl was born in Venice, in 1926, as a private security firm. Throughout the years, it has substantially increased its market share, incorporating the latest technology to classic services and, therefore, acquiring a significant position and importance in the private and corporate security industry. In 1999, a new division was created within the company: portierato/reception (concierge service).

Thanks to the introduction of this specific element, we are able to offer a multitude of different services including:
• Patrols and armored stakeouts
• Concierge and reception management with qualified personnel
• Connection of alarms, technological systems and video surveillance

Due to all these elements, we offer an excellent global service for every single infrastructure, from commercial and private to industrial, such as airports, hospitals and harbors; as well as providing an excellent customer service, able to fully meet the clients’ needs and necessities.

Another essential element that we offer is the design, installation and maintenance of intrusion detection systems and video surveillance, also available for loan for use. Furthermore, these systems are all connected to our operations center, open 24/7, every day of the year.


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