Villa Badoer Fattoretto

Villa Badoer Fattoretto

Dolo - Venezia

The villa dates back to 1500, when Giacomo Badoer, politician and merchant of Republic of Venice, decide to build a summer residence in Sambruson. Since 1945 the propriety has been of Fattoretto family. Inside the villa there is the “Museo del Villano” that has got a rich collection of farm tools. In the room called “Degli editti” you can see a collection of custom letters of Napoleonic period.
You can also find clock tower, musician instruments, coaches, buggies, and so forth.
Nowadays, it is possible to visit all year long the museum if you book for a group of ten people.
Inside the villa you can do educational workshop and photo shoots.
The guided tour are at 15, 16:30 and 18 pm. The group of 10 people, after booking, can visit the villa all year long.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: Closed

Sat-Sun: Saturday Closed / Sunday 15:00-18:00

Info and Bookings:

Phone: 041.410.113



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Villa Badoer Fattoretto

Via Badoera, 19, 30031 Dolo VE, Italia


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