Castello di Zumelle

Castello di Zumelle

Mel - Belluno

A castle with two thousand years of history, it rises on the top of a hill overhanging the course of the stream Terche. The origins of the rocca are dating back to the I century A.D., precisely between 46-47 A.D. The castle of Zumelle had a key role for the history of Valbelluna and northern Veneto throughout the High Middle Ages. Later with the advent of the Serenissima she fell into ruins.
Today the manor, after being restored in the years ‘ 60, relives the beauty and the atmosphere that it had during the medieval period, its most successful period.
The castle offers a bar service and a wonderful tavern. The setting is a dip in the year 1000. An ideal place to enjoy, sitting on a rustic bench, or resting on the innkeeper’s counter, mead, wine, brandy, apple cider, rosolio and much more. An unrivaled culinary experience. A perfect place to taste the Middle Ages with taste buds, even before with eyes. Typical dishes of the local tradition, delicious dishes directly from the night of times, from the X-XI-XII-XIII century.
To fully experience the charm of the castle, you can stay in wonderful rooms all decorated with beautiful frescoes and equipped with amenities. Events, meetings and weddings are organized.
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Castello di Zumelle

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