Villa Trissino

Villa Trissino

Meledo di Sarego - Vicenza

To better understand the Villa Trissino project it is essential to know about the table of “Quattro libri dell’archittetura”, which represents an imposing structure, articulated on several levels, probably inspired by patterns of the ancient Acropolis.
The Palladian project envisaged a master building, consisting of a central round hall, covered by a high cupola and surrounded by rooms.
On the sides there should have been two large semicircular porticos, followed, lower, by two boats with Tuscan columns, at the corners of the courtyard two doves were planned. A large staircase would have led from the garden, between the two wings of the rustics, to the vast shelf on which the pronaos of the Villa would have to rise (see drawing).
Today it remains the torre colombara, four bays of the barchessa with Tuscan colonnade along the river Brendola and a second symmetrical barchessa to the first. The Italian garden is surrounded by the barchesse. The garden is enclosed by the remaining boundary wall and in the center there is a access gate to “rustic brugne”.
Of particular interest are some constructive details that denote the ambition of the project: of refined workmanship the Tuscan colonnade, of great value the sixteenth-century fireplace and the frescoes in the torre colombara decorated with grotesque attributed to Eliodoro Forbicini.
In the recent conservative restoration supported by the owners, have been reported in use the wide underground that extend throughout the breadth of the construction and that are revealed of great historical and archaeological interest, both for their extension and for the Stone walls of the sixteenth century and the vaults in brick of terracotta.
Villa Trissino is included, together with the other Palladian villas of the Veneto, in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.


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Villa Trissino

Via Sabbadini, 20 - 36100 Meledo di Sarego (VI)


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