Villa Sagredo

Villa Sagredo

Vigonovo - Venezia

Villa Sagredo is located along of Riviera del Brenta and it immerses in a romantic park.
The noble Sagredo family wanted the villa. The family was important in the Republic of Venice and the villa hosted famous personalities of the epoch such as Galileo Galilei
In 1970 the villa and the park were renovated. We can see their charm. Thanks of that the villa is open for receptionists and events.
The villa is a refined and well-furnished location with piece of furniture that creates a warm atmosphere. The villa is surrounded by the huge park. Villa Sagredo is the perfect location for the weddings. Upon bride request, it is available a wedding planner.
In the villa you can organize private events such as birthday, cultural event, concerts, exhibition. Moreover, in villa Sagredo are available training courses, workshop, B2B events, kick-off events, team-building and in & outdoor activities.
In the villa there is also the restaurant “Antichi Granai”. The restaurant has kitchen, services, parking, green areas so, after booking, it is available for a lunch, a dinner, a private event a wedding reception. You can choose the rooms of the villa or the rooms of the restaurant, in case of big events you can have both structures. The menu is personalized.
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Villa Sagredo

Via Sagredo, 3, Vigonovo, 30030 VE, Italia


Via Marconi, 30 - Grezzana (Verona) IT


Vicolo B.Cellini 4 - Fiesso d'Artico (VE)

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Via Marco Polo, 1, Noventa di Piave, 30020 VE, Italia

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