Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani

Stra - Venezia

During the 18th century the Venetian family Pisani of Santo Stefano decided to build the Villa Pisani and his majestic park. Nowadays, the Villa is a historic museum and it was able to preserve his splendor during the centuries. The visitor can admire the 30 rooms on the first floor with his frescoes, paintings and original piece of furniture. The eighteenth-century rooms have significant scenes such as the “Triumph of Bacco” room, celebration of God of wine and the music, the “vacation room” which explains the relationship between noble ladies and soldiers during the Casanova century, the art room and so forth.
The Napoleonic apartment is rich of treasures: the huge canopy bed with the emperor initials, the splendid chest of drawer and the precious piece of furniture made in emperor style for Villa Pisani.
In the dining room the table is set by Napoleonic dishes. Villa Pisani hosts great ancient, modern or contemporary art exhibitions.
The Villa Pisani Museum Cafè is accessible to visitors during the Museum’s opening times and offers aperitifs or breakfasts in an eighteenth-century scenery.
In the future it will be possible the evening entry, you could book the Villa for gala dinner, refreshments and events. For further information please see the web site.




Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani National Museum, Via Doge Pisani, Stra, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy


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