Villa Piovene Porto Godi

Villa Piovene Porto Godi

Toara di Villaga - Vicenza

The PIOVENE PORTO GODI ALESSANDRO s.s. farm, headed by Marcantonio and Tommaso Piovene Porto Godi, is located in Toara di Villaga, in the Colli Berici region, famous for her d.o.c. wines. The wine production has always been an important part of the history of the property, that is extended in a 220 hectars area; the vineyards cover 28 hectares and are located in a wonderful position, a natural amphitheatre in the southern part of the Colli Berici DOC region.
From 1990, the owners decided to produce and bottle the best wines, in order to compete and sell to a larger market, national and international, and to demonstrate the potential of this area. In this perspective more than 75% of the vineyards were replanted following modern techniques: the rows are now more contiguous than they used to be and the yield from each vineyard is lower than it was in the past and is obtained with thick plants that use a short pruning.
The different types of grapes that are cultivated in the area are the Tocai Rosso, a typical and local vineyard of the Colli Berici area, the Cabernet franc and sauvignon, the Merlot (red grapes), the Sauvignon, the White Pinot and the Garganega (white grapes).
The most important and characteristic white wine is the “Campige”, a sauvignon that comes from a late harvest and is passed in barrels for six months; the “Campige” is a peculiar and structured wine. The late harvest gives this wine a fruity smell and deprives the typical vegetal sauvignon smell.
The Cabernet comes in two different varieties, the “Polveriera” that is a mix of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, the “Pozzare”, a blend of Cabernet franc and Cabernet sauvignon that is passed in French oak barrels for more than one year.
The Merlot “Fra i Broli” is obtained from three different clones and is aged in karats for 15 months. In the surroundings there is the possibility to go hiking or to ride the bike, enjoying the wonderful panorama of these hills and their fauna and flora. The famous Palladian villas are reachable after a short car ride. It is also easy to visit the beautiful cities of Vicenza (27 km), Padova (32 km), Verona (50 km), Montagnana (25 km), Este (28 km).

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Villa Piovene Porto Godi

Via Villa 14 36021 Toara di Villaga (VI)


Via Marconi, 30 - Grezzana (Verona) IT


Vicolo B.Cellini 4 - Fiesso d'Artico (VE)

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