Villa Foscarini Rossi

Villa Foscarini Rossi

Stra - Venezia

In Stra, not far from Venice and Padua, along the Brenta River, near the Pisani Villa, stands the seventeenth-century architectural complex called Villa Foscarini-Rossi. Along the Brenta River, the noble Venetian families built outstanding buildings for spending their holidays, that would reflect their wealth and power.
In accordance with aristocratic customs, the Foscarini family sent for famous architects, such as Vincenzo Scamozzi, Francesco Contini, Giuseppe Jappelli, painters and decorators, such as Pietro Liberi e Domenico de Bruni, and entrusted them with the task of creating and decorating a house that would emphasize the importance of the family.
After a restoration, enhancing the pure architectural lines and the renowned frescoes, the whole complex-Villa and Guest Quarters– has been opened to the public; the halls of the Villa have been converted into a museum site, whereas those of the Guest Quarters now host conferences, meetings, receptions, concerts, exhibitions. Nowadays, Villa Foscarini is one of the most important building, in Veneto region, where you can organize congress. It is perfect for every kind of event. The “Salone delle Feste” hosts 200 people and the Mansarda host 450 people. Villa Foscarini has a famous museum with his permanent exhibition called “Calzatura d’Autore”. It shows the most relevant shoes produced by Rossimoda company.

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Villa Foscarini Rossi

Via Doge Pisani 1/2 30039 Stra - Venezia - Italia


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