Historical Notes

Unique atmospheres, exclusive experiences. Get ready to relive the fascinating era of the Venetian Villas.

Immerse yourself in the history and the architectural culture of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, as you stay in, visit or walk through what UNESCO has defined as a World Heritage Site: the over 4000 historic houses in our Region, the soul and spirit of the masters of the Italian Renaissance, that will leave you breathless with their unparalleled array of exclusive offers, in a territory rich in atmosphere and charm.
Villas are places with a strong personality, where you will enjoy unforgettable experiences, on a journey that embraces history, culture, nature and art, hospitality and fine accommodations, taste and gourmet foods and wine, wellness and events, for a warm and friendly tourism that aspires to excellence, where noble atmospheres are imbued with a contemporary spirit.
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Indulge in the fascinating atmospheres of the Venetian Villas and Historic Houses.

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invites you to visit the

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Luigi Bevilacqua - Antica tessitura in Venezia dal 1499