Parco di Villa Pisani

Parco di Villa Pisani

Stra - Venezia

The park that occupies Villa Pisani, was made even before the villa itself on a project conceived by the architect Girolamo Fringimelica De Roberti. The park extends and surrounds the Villa for 11 hectares, and has an external perimeter of 1500 meters. Inside the park you can admire the beauty of the famous Labyrinth, designed by the architect Girolamo too, the turret in the center of the labyrinth, and the stables.
Over time the park was in turn expanded, in fact the English grove was added, the pool of water of the parterre and the glacier.
Great attention was also devoted to botany in pots and earth thanks to the addition of tropical greenhouses and large arboreal specimens.
The park has been completely restored and today it exhibits a rich botanical collection during the year.
The park, as well as the Villa, is open to visits, and its immense spaces are available to organize events and educational activities. For more information contact the villa.




Parco di Villa Pisani

Via Doge Pisani, 7 30039 Stra VE Italia


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