Palazzo Silimbani

Palazzo Silimbani

Cavarzere - Venezia

The imposing Palazzo Silimbani found its origins around the middle of 1800, when it was erected by the Austro Empire as a military outpost. Later the structure was used as the farm’s headquarters.
Following a masterful restoration, the palace, thanks to its ample space, is the ideal place for organizing events.
Open all year, it has a car park of 130 parking spaces, a large living room with stage and audio-video predisposition, rooms reserved by assign according to the eventuality, wardrobe, kitchen with entrance reserved for the catering, total accessibility to the disabled with dedicated services.
The large park can be set up with gazebos for receptions, exhibitions or outdoor activities, or simply for moments of relaxation in the beautiful setting of the surrounding countryside.
Like the whole area of Cavarzere, the estate was dedicated to agriculture and livestock. of facts in the upper floor the structure houses the “Museum of Local History”. Inside the museum are exposed the tools of the past peasant civilization with suggestive pictures and photographs. For information, bookings, guided tours, events, see the website.




Palazzo Silimbani

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