Antica Bottega del Vino

Antica Bottega del Vino

- Verona

Considered as one of the most prestigious and ancient Italian historic venues, the origins of the workshop date back to the Venetian period, when it served as the “Lo scudo di Francia” tavern. More recently, thanks to a meticulous restoration, the structure is reborn as an “Antica Bottega del Vino”.
Thanks to its service of catering, it delights its customers with a cooking that reflects the spirit of the Venetian tradition, in particular Veronese, emphasizing the quality of the selected raw materials, which always have priority.
To accompany the delicious dishes of the restaurant, there is the wide choice of wines. The old wine shop, in fact, boasts one of the best Italian wine cards. Italian wines, but also from Europe and the rest of the world, to be tasted in the shop or, using the service of Enoteca, in order to be appreciated even comfortably from home.
Open every day, the shop welcomes its guests from 11:00 to 1:00 and the restaurant from 12:00 to 23:00.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: Dalle 11:00 alle 1:00

Sat-Sun: Dalle 11:00 alle 1:00

Info and Bookings:

Phone: 045 800 4535



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Antica Bottega del Vino

Via Scudo di Francia, 3, Verona, 37121 VR, Italia


Via Marconi, 30 - Grezzana (Verona) IT


Vicolo B.Cellini 4 - Fiesso d'Artico (VE)

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