Castello di Stigliano

Santa Maria di Sala - Venezia


The origins of the castle dates back to Roman times, when the building was used as a fortification.
During the centuries the building has been changed different owners. In 1152 the bishop of Treviso, from 1158 were vassals of the Tempesta and in January 1220, Count Guido ceded the rights to Aldevrandino da Superno. Established in a strategic position, on the border between the territories of Treviso and Padua, it was the scene of numerous battles. Conquered definitively by the Venetians, in the seventeenth century, the complex passed to the Venier.
After a long period of abandonment, recently, thanks to the renovation work of Paolo Bertan, the palace has adapted to an accommodation structure. Today the castle offers its guests ample rooms that, characterized by antique furnishings, give to the guests all the atmosphere of the ancient splendors welcoming for receptions, wedding banquets, business meetings. The kitchen of the castle offers extraordinary culinary moments, preparing traditional Venetian dishes and classics of national cuisine and studying, on request, personalized menus.
The restaurant has several covers divided into various air-conditioned rooms both in summer and winter, including the outdoor park perfect for the spring and the summer. Castello di Stigliano is the ideal place for dinners, refreshments, buffets, graduation parties and weddings. For information, bookings, guided tours, events, see the website.




Castello di Stigliano

Via Noalese, 7, Santa Maria di Sala, Venezia, Italia


Via Marconi, 30 - Grezzana (Verona) IT


Vicolo B.Cellini 4 - Fiesso d'Artico (VE)

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